My so called…

author unknown

How on earth do people find the time to post to their blogs on a daily basis?! Every time I start one of these posts I feel the need to apologize for missing a few days (turned week, etc) and want to make a list of everything that’s happened since the last post.

Well its not going to happen. Just deal with it. (That was a note to myself, not to you dear imaginary reader)

I’m back at my old gig freelancing for a few days, catching up with old friends and going through some strange real-time deja vu. I’m feeling anxious about some decisions I’ll need to make in the new few days…waiting on some pieces to fall into place and feeling puzzled over all. Hopefully taking a bite out of the Big Apple will help me get some perspective and calm me down.

In the meantime I’ll continue contemplating life and the big picture of what I want to start doing, keep doing and stop doing all together.


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