Just my type

Last week’s whirlwind days at FITC were followed up with a handful of portfolio reviews with prospective employers…and I thought May was going to be calm and quiet?! Its an exciting time and though I’m still thoroughly exhausted and have yet to make up for missed sleep from this past semester I’m pretty thankful for all the new experiences that seem to successively come up as each day passes. Another reason for being so thankful? I made the mistake of mentioning how ‘tired’ I was to a new mother yesterday…talk about a reality check! Happy Mother’s Day indeed!

So new beginnings, new challenges and feeling ready for the unknown…whatever that may be. It also doesn’t hurt that this weekend the sun decided to come out to play…patio season is definitely here and I’m already daydreaming about this year’s camping adventures.

Speaking of which, hopefully one of my trips of the season will be for Scott & Victoria’s camping wedding extravaganza! I’m working on their invite this month and hope to capture their un-traditional and playful wedding plans on paper. Looking for a type treatment that matches and think I’ve caught onto something that can work…


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