Relatable fish…likely of the Pepperidge Farm goldfish variety

Just remembered this…the one solid moment at the end of the day at FITC when I felt completely akin to a complete stranger in the crowd. After Gmunk’s session on how the graphic content was created for TRON Legacy he fielded some questions from the audience. There was an 8-year old (or so) kid there and he put up his little hand, said something adorable about loving TRON and asked if he’s seen ‘Reboot’ the TV show. The answer was something like “No, sorry little guy, I don’t usually watch kids cartoons but I’ll definitely check it out” while in tandem I said to my friend Kathryn who looked puzzled by the reference “Reboot?! I loved Reboot! I use to watch it all the time on YTV!”


I have yet to fact-check this, but I’m pretty sure whatever episodes of Reboot this kid has watched arelikely¬† re-runs and possibly recorded on VHS by his parents, but that was my huzzah-I-have-something-in-common-with-someone-else-here-in-this-room-moment. Typical PChan. Oh my.


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