Get started little fish

For the last two days I’ve been attending FITC Toronto getting inspired (and to be honest at times pretty intimidated) by the amazing creative ideation and technical execution of interactive projects by designers/developers in the digital space.  Its the 10th anniversary of the Toronto conference and I remember hearing about it in its first year which happened to be my first year at YSDN and throughout my years focused on print I never thought this conference was for me…but this year I couldn’t find any reason to not go being eligible for a student rate with an additional Sheridan discount. A steal of a deal at about $225 after taxes for a 3-day pass considering I’ve paid to attend design conferences in the past for about the same for a single day.

Common thoughts running through my head while listening to sessions? “Woah that’s so intense…how the heck did they do that?!”, “Oh so you’re going to show us how you did that? Why yes I’d love to see your process.”, “Umm… okay so I’m not familiar with almost all of those programming languages you listed, but I’m madly taking notes in my Moleskine in order to Google them later.”, “Oh so you’re going to give out your code to us too?! I don’t think I’ll be able to understand it with what I know today, but so cool of you to think to do that.”, “I think I’m loving this crowd’s vibe even though I feel like a fish out of water in this crowd.”

Sessions attended so far with links to their sites…
– Harnessing the Abundance with Mike Creighton / /
– Marketing Your Skillz with Daniel Schutzsmith /
– New Tools for HTML Animation with Mark Anders /
– Design I/O: Interactive Installations and Experimental Storytelling with Theo Watson & Emily Gobeille / / /
– Integrating Flash and HTML5 with Mike Chambers /
– Interactive on Readers & Tablets with Ted Patrick /
– Tron GFX with Gmunk /
– The Most Awesomest Talk Ever with Jamie Kosoy /

Most memorable take-away so far was from my first session of the conference with Mike Creighton about utilising familiar and unfamiliar resources in the design process. Great presentation illustrating key points supported by case scenarios of his own personal project, “Flow” that looks to bridge the gap between analog and digital in art-making. Mike’s last point was on the importance of getting started (something I struggle with in many of my own personal projects) and recognising the fact that no matter what you will fail, but that nothing will come to fruition if you don’t start. Tune out the noise, forget judgment and drop-kick your insecurities at the door. Pretty inspiring stuff for this fish out of water. Looking forward to the last day tomorrow!

Also, I totally fell in love with Emily’s illo style and what she and Theo did for an augmented magazine cover (print meets interactive say what!). Check them out in more detail here:

Emily Gobeille /

Emily Gobeille /

Emily Gobeille /

Emily Gobeille /


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