Have you met my new old friend Jack?

I’m at war.

My body has decided to give out on me after 8 months (or arguably more) of being run ragged. Speaking of war this reminds me that I actually read Sun Tzu’s Art of War before starting a job once…more on that another day.

Despite my productive post-grad show morning of running errands and a lovely lunch out with two (now former) classmates the afternoon went in a downward spiral of sneezing and the chills. So on this Royal Wedding Day I’ve resigned myself to pjs in bed and catching up with all the prime time TV I’ve been missing. The Glee Barbara Streisand suburban mall dance number was pretty fabulous and I don’t know why more of my everyday life isn’t filled with moments like that.

As for last night’s show at Creative Niche it was a huge success! Julie from Sweet Jules did an amazing job catering the event with delicious apps that everyone was raving about…a well fed crowd is a happy crowd. We saw about 150 industry folks come through to check out our work and everyone turned on the schmooze. I’m sure we’ve all been preparing to talk about our work intelligently but I think with all the tunnel vision you forget that beyond hoping someone will actually not hate it (ie. throw down the mouse and walk away screaming “you’re a joke!”) people will actually like it, give you helpful feedback and suddenly you get that sense of validation you didn’t even know you wanted. Photos of the event to come soon! I didn’t have a camera on hand, but I’ll be sure to snag a few off someone else’s FB album and post them soon.

I got a chance to chat with folks from studios/agencies/etc big and small, got to reconnect with a YSDN grad from my year and of course enjoyed a few good stiff drinks after the show wrapped. We all dragged our exhausted selves over to the Rivoli for celebratory drinks and deep-fried late night bar apps. With some prompting and without much protest I was reacquainted with JD and was surprised that he wasn’t so unpleasant when on the rocks rather than shared straight from the bottle at a high school house party. Issues of the night discussed in length? The pros and cons of not being carded when standing next to your 22 year old classmate, how to succeed in business by thinking and acting like a man, and just how good these sweet potato fries and spicy mayo really are…no seriously have you had any?…they are so so good.

The weekend forecast? Dinner with the extended family with a belated chocolate bunny delivery for the little ones, a testosterone-filled-cauliflower-earred-night of watching the GSP fight followed by a Sunday afternoon bridal shower. One guess which of the three I’m most excited for…..and if you guessed anything involving ribbons or tulle I suggest you go back to my earlier reference at to the start of this entry.


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